University of Vermont (UVM) Scholarships (2022)

Admissions in various degree programs on fully-funded US Scholarships at the University of Vermont in 2022 are being considered at their admission office. Therefore, we advise students to please submit their applications to grab an opportunity to study for free without IELTS at the US University of Vermont.

Are you looking for options to apply to American universities to earn your higher education degree?

Well, let me tell you that when it comes to applying to universities, less is never more. The more research you do, the better options you explore; and the better options you explore the more worth your degree holds!

So, with that said, have you considered applying to a US university as well? No? Why?

According to research, students hesitate to apply to foreign universities because, firstly, they feel like the massive fee structures are way out of the league. Other reasons include substandard living conditions and the fear of missing out. Well, let me familiarize you with such an American university that stands up to students’ expectations, is easier to get into, and has lenient terms when it comes to educational expenses of students.

What does UVM Scholarships Cover?

As an international scholarship applicant, you can expect any or all of the following funding plans at the Vermont University of USA:

  • Waiver of tuition fees at UVM with free residence facility
  • Monthly expense for students with living stipend money
  • Access to library and labs
  • free American Study VISA and health insurance support
  • Logistics fees covered in some cases
  • Sponsorship of conference tickets

Whereas, the application fee of the University of Vermont is US$55.

English Langauge Requirement of University of Vermont:

The language of instruction at UVM is English; which is why applicants need to prove the required proficiency in the English language. Therefore, an IELTS of above 6.5 bands or TOEFL iBT of above 80 is accepted as proof of applicants’ English language proficiency at the University of Vermont.

IELTS is not mandatory for admission at Vermont University if the candidate holds a TOEFL iBT of above 80.

Want to know which exceptional institute we are talking about? The University of Vermont, of course! In this article, we will discuss everything about the University of Vermont, from its acceptance and rejection rates, its waiting list system, and the fee funding options available at the university.

Acceptance Rate of the University of Vermont (UVM)

Ranking amongst the original eight Public Ivy institutions, the University of Vermont and being one of the oldest universities in the United States, the University of Vermont has a number of laurels associated with its name.

The University of Vermont has been consistent in ranking among the smartest states in the US; the determining factors of which include high school graduation rates, average national test scores of the students, the quality of education provided at the academic institutes, and of course, the rate of enrollment in universities.

Admissions to the University of Vermont have been considerably selective from the very beginning. In fact, the institution ranks fifth in Vermont on the basis of its low acceptance rate. To know exactly how selective admissions are at the University of Vermont, take a look at these acceptance and rejection rates given below:

The acceptance rate at the University of Vermont in 2021 was 71%

The annual applicant acceptance rate at the University of Vermont is much higher as compared to its rate of application refusal. The acceptance rate at the University of Vermont as of 2021 is 71%.

The rejection rate at the University of Vermont 2021 was 29%

The annual applicant rejection rate at the University of Vermont is 29%. This implies that 33 out of every 100 applications received by the admissions panel at the University of Vermont are turned down.

Scholarships Available at the University of Vermont (UVM):-

A 4- year’s course program at the University of Vermont costs local residents around US$79,000 while the same course can loosen an international student’s pocket by a good US$182,000.

However, the University of Vermont awards various scholarships to students on a variety of factors, including academic achievements, talent, athletic abilities, nationalities, and financial needs.

Some of the most prestigious US scholarship programs initiated by the University of Vermont (UVM) are listed as under:

UVM Scholarships for Undergraduate Students:

  • Presidential Scholarships
  • Sustainable Futures Scholarships
  • Trustee Scholarships
  • Green and Gold Scholars Awards
  • Vermont Scholars Awards
  • Patrick Family Scholarships
  • Justin Morrill Scholarships
  • Akol Aguek Scholarships
  • Osher Foundation and Crankstart Scholarships
  • Robert Noyce Scholarships
  • Leroy Ingalls 4-H Scholarships
  • Army Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) Scholarships
  • Air force Reserve Officers Training Corps (ROTC) Scholarships
  • Yellow Ribbon Scholarships for Out of state residents
  • Dean’s Merit Scholarships
  • CCV/UVM 2+2 Scholarships
  • Phi Theta Kappa Scholarships

UVM Outside Scholarships:

  • Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarships
  • Boren Awards
  • Critical Language Scholarship Program
  • Institute of International Education (IIE) Scholarships
  • Balanced Man Scholarships for male students
  • The Earnest Scholarships
  • Emet Capital Impact Initiative Scholarships.

Admissions Waiting List System at the University of Vermont:-

The University of Vermont carries out its admissions procedures with an aim to enroll the maximum number of students in every course program, without over enrolling and exceeding the capacity in both classrooms and residence halls. However, it also carries out necessary measures to ensure that the student limit is maintained even if admitted students do not get themselves enrolled in the university. This is done by means of a waiting list system.

Who is offered a position on the waitlist by the Admissions Panel at the University of Vermont?

Those qualified students who possessed excellent academic records, but could not compete with the admitted students are placed on the waiting list. in other words, students whose academic records showed an upwards trend, a challenging academic CV, and an impressive set of co-curricular and extracurricular activities are granted a spot on the waitlist by the University of Vermont.

Accepting the proposal:

After getting a notification of getting selected as a waitlist student, interested students are required to send an email accepting their addition to the list.

Once a seat becomes vacant, the university extends offers to waiting list students to occupy the seat. The students have to make a decision within a definite time period, otherwise, the proposal will be considered rejected and the seat will be offered to the next student on the list.

Note: Students are not allowed to place themselves on the waiting list as it is maintained and supervised by the university management only.

University of Vermont (UVM) Application Deadline in 2022:

The last date to submit an application for admission to Vermont University is May 1, 2022. Applications later this date may be accepted for the next intake session.

Start working on your applications for the University of Vermont today!

So did you find the reason for joining the University of Vermont for earning your higher education degree yet? Great! So, start working on perfecting your application from today because the University of Vermont is opening its web portal to accept online applications for its upcoming semester shortly. Good luck!