University of Canberra Bachelor International Scholarship Grants in Australia 2023

Closing Dates: the applications are open for entry in 2022.

Looking for an opportunity to commence a bachelor’s degree in Australia? The University of Canberra is delighted to offer the Gems International Partner Scholarships in Australia.

The scholarship is awarded to new commencing international students from GEMS who are applying for admission to a UC Bachelor’s degree coursework.

The sole reason for this grant is to provide financial support and is available for overseas students commencing in the bachelor’s degree program at the university.


About the University of Canberra:


The University of Canberra is a public university located in Bruce, Canberra, Australian Capital Territory. It is well-known for its work placements, industry projects, and internships, which allow students to have a taste of their prospective employees before they graduate.


Additionally, UC allows students to take a visit and learn about the fieldwork and gain exposure as well as practical knowledge under the guidance of well-experienced faculty members. It provides outstanding instruction, versatility, and facilities for learners to keep you on track for academic achievement.

Selection Criteria:

GEMS students Commencing Bachelor Degree GPA 5 out of 7.

70% or higherFull-time student.Perks:

The eligible participants will receive an amount of 10% off the Total Tuition Fee for the bachelor’s study program.

Application Procedures:

To receive this award, an applicant needs to be admitted to a bachelor’s degree program at the university. After that, the eligible participants can apply for the study grant.

Supporting Documents:

Certified copies of all relevant academic transcripts, evidence of language proficiency, proof of work experience, and curriculum vitae.

Available Program:

Interested students can apply for any UC Bachelor’s degree coursework provided by the University.

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